Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Morkie…


Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m three years old!!! I am a Morkie and I have a buddy named Buddy

…Buddy is seven years old and he is a Lab mixed with

Border Collie (we think)…


image This is me and Buddy (right) and Dixie (left) exploring. We are big time explorers around here…

Sometimes we almost catch a white squirrel…


image Sometimes we let DaddyBoy go with us…if he has been good!!!


image Yep, I’m the leader…see!!!


image I can run fast!!!


imageThis is my Kitty…I have to kiss him everyday!!! His name is Snakebit…cause he was bit by a snake

when he was a baby kitty…that was before I came here…a long time before …DaddyBoy took

care of him and made him all better!!!


image That’s Dixie, she’s a puppy and always gettin into something!!!


image…like this!!! 


image there’s one of those squirrels that we let go…we’re nice like that … cause

Mom would get upset if we “got” one of the white squirrels…

she’s always trying to take photos of them!!!

We’re so much cuter!!!


image Those silly squirrels…


image“Buddy, Dixie when Mom goes in…we’ll get that squirrel…all right guys!!!”



image Stay there Buddy while I get Dixie!!!



image Aw Buddy!!! Come on…


imageawwww Dixie…come on!!!



image Come on down and play Mr. Squirrel!!! Puuhhhllleeeezzzeeeee!!!







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  1. Zoe is so cute. Reminds of my Bailey. I cracked up at the picture showing Zoe running fast and kissing the cat. Baily does just like that to our cat and then they fight. Cute post and have a great weekend.

  2. Cute photos of all of your 'babies' Becky.... I love seeing them all... Zoe looks like --and probably thinks--that she is the ruler of the kingdom!!!! ha

    Have a great weekend and enjoy this nice weather.

  3. Zoe posts a very interesting blog. It was nice of you to help by taking the pictures.

  4. Those are such fun pictures! I love Moxie! I don't know what my fav picture is, the one of Moxie kissing Snakebit, or Dixie's behind sticking out of the ground. I'd heard about those albino squirrels, how fun that you have them around.

  5. They are all just adorable and what a fun story you wrote to go with the photos.. Thank you for all the smiles this sunday morning...


  6. I just LOVE this post so much! What fun pets you have!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments~ I've really enjoyed my visit to yours as well and am looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower!

  7. What a beautiful family. So nice of you to be kind to those interesting looking squirrels.
    We have no squirrels in our yard, but a ton of bunnies and a playground full of groundsquirrels and a few chipmunks.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Your dogs remind me of my little beagle Belle. Have a great Monday..

  9. Hehe They are all so beautiful and fun! I have little explorers too, and they like to keep the garden squirrel free! Thanks so much for sharing your babies with us.

  10. Oh my gosh Becky, these are the most precious and amazing pictures of your sweet pets....squirrel included.

    I love your little cutey running with her ears flying in the air.....also the one with your dog crawling in and out of the hole in the tree.... these are so cute!!!

  11. Oh my, those are just the cutest pictures! Little Zoe is adorable, and so are the others. I love all the pictures of them up to their little doggie adventures. Thanks so much for joining First Furry Fridays!

  12. This is so funny!!! I love your furry babies. But I have NEVER heard of a white squirrel, let alone seen one. Most of ours are grey and drive my furry babies crazy. Occasionally we'll see a black one, but that's pretty rare. I'd love to see a white one.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. what a great post! I love animals, and there certainly no shortage of furry creatures here!
    Just stopping by to say I'm featuring you tomorrow on Featured Followers Friday.

  14. OMG! the picture off just the butt! I almost wet myself!
    Great blog, I am now a follower!



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