Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gotta Love A Politician … With The Name …Zach Wamp!!!



This is Mr. Zach Wamp (right), who is running for Governor of Tennessee…

he is shaking the hand of a nice gentleman who is my newest buddy…

and shall remain nameless ;-)…  I do thank him for buying my breakfast!!!


imageCute little Wamp supporters…do ya think I can call them “Wampies” ???

No, better not!!!




image I was thoroughly impressed with Zach, one of his comments was that our country

was found on the premise of Christianity and to remain what we are

we should remain a Christian country!!! Got my vote right there!!!


imageThis impromptu event was held in the cutest restaurant, I’ll do another post on it…the name

of the restaurant is The Cozy Kitchen in Dyersburg, TN…


image  This is the cutie that owns “The Cozy Kitchen”…and it is a blogger’s dream…

ok…I’ll cover that on my next post…


imageZach Wamp said that he would work to help rural West Tennessee…the western part of

Tennessee has largely been left behind in the growth of industry and is suffering.

I’ve blogged about my hubby working in a city 65 miles from our home, my son is

also working in that town and my daughter and son-in-law have moved to Jackson because

of their jobs. It is so sad to see our home grown and educated population leave here. We have

a great University of Tennessee campus within 15 miles of home and it is called a weekly college because

all of the students go “home” on weekends…


imageJim Jackson and Zach Wamp


imageLou and Zach


imageJim, a local auctioneer, and Lou


imageJim and this gentleman discovered that they went to the same one-room school as children…

they shared some stories about the school with us…


image Some pretty snazzy wheels!!!


image I’m sorry but I just had to post this photo…When I asked this man if I could take his photo…he quipped

“…want me to wave like Gomer Pyle?” …wouldn’t you know just as I snapped …


image …Now for the professional pose…

This is Mr. Jeff Jones, he is the Dyer County Highway Department superintendent

…p.s. he was so much fun to meet!!! Gotta love small town life and all of it’s inhabitants!!!  


image Thanks so much for following my “political” posts!!! The man on the left is Zach’s campaign manager …

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