Saturday, July 9, 2011

Please Pardon My Little Indulgence


Please pardon my little indulgence in these photos.

They don’t tell you a story,

They don’t make your eyes explode with pride,

They don’t make you cry with excitement,

They make me do all of these ! ! !

Just a few snaps of my son . . . What can I say . . .He is 25 . . . and he actually

allowed me to post them.






This last one is one of my favorite photos from almost a decade ago . . .

Justin and his Grandmother were the very best buddies...

they truly got into a lot of mischief together...

on the wall is a photo of my beautiful daughter and son in love!!!

Now I’ll go and take some photos of some dogs, furniture,  dishes,

flowers, weeds or politicians!!!


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