Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Milestone Birthday



Well, today is one of those “milestone” days in my life,

a new decade of my life starts today. It is one of those days when I think, not me, I couldn’t be “that” old.

Then I think, WOW,

I have a lot left to do before I leave this earth.



I’ve lived and loved…


and I’ve been graced by God to see these two grow into beautiful young adults…



Only to realize to I’ve come full circle…right back where I started…

I’ll never really grow up…


It’s been a wild and crazy ride…and this guy will continue to rock my world!!!

There is so much more left to learn, to do, to visit, to see and to try…

I’ve gotta get crackin’… I can’t afford to waste a single minute!!!

Have a beautiful week Peeps!!!


See you all over at Mary’s Little Red House

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