Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine Centerpiece and Tablesetting

Happy Valentine Day
Please join us for a Valentine Celebration...just a quiet one!!!
Gorgeous porcelain roses
A Happy Redbird Candleholder
A floating pink rose candle....shhhhh...not glowing yet...
Imported crystal
Floral china and a silver charger
The floating rose candle is glowing now
A happy red tablecloth
This china is a Homer Loughlin pattern but I haven't determined which one.
See the hearts in the lace overlay tablecloth
Lots of glass marbles to reflect the candlelight
Shiny silver to reflect the light
Red, white and silver
Reflections of a red rose and the glow of a rose candle in the silver
Heart shaped silver tray
I thought it would be fun to participate in Cindy's (My Romantic Home) Valentine Centerpiece Event. Everything I used was thrifted except my crystal and my porcelain roses. The crystal was bought by my husband when he was in the military in Japan and has recently come to live at "Thoughtfully Blended Hearts". Those beautiful roses were a gift to me from my son "Expert Tool Guy", when my brother passed away last year. Purchasing thrifted silver pieces has been a fun hobby recently, I've found a lot of pieces and the most expensive piece cost $12.50. I'll show them to you in some future posts. Some of these pieces made my Valentine Centerpiece a "shining" example of how much fun thrift shop purchases can be. I bought both of the tablecloths this week and the red and white checked one was a whole $2.99. The lacy overlay cost $1.99. Both of them will be used with lots of other combinations of linens in the future. We live in a small Southern town and shopping isn't the greatest but we "make do" a lot of times. I'm sure some roses will show up this weekend to fill my new thrifted silver vase...maybe............................. Thanks so much for visiting "Thoughtfully Blended Hearts"

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