Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Found Herbie!!!


At least I think I found Herbie … “The Love Bug”!!!


He is right here in West Tennessee!!!

Don’t you think this might be the infamous “Herbie”?


image He was at this flea market…There were lots of “colorful” characters here!!!

Not all of them were terrific spellers!!!

They had lots of color though.


image You know I always find some cuties when I go somewhere…how about this one?

She was dressed for a beautiful day at Reelfoot Lake.

We hold a huge Arts & Crafts Festival every October and it is a wonderful family event.

The flea markets show up around the perimeters of the craft show and just make it even more fun and colorful!!!


image Reelfoot Lake is known for it’s Crappie fishing!!!  (Crappie is a kind of fish, not an adjective. smile_wink )

The wind got high a little while later and the water was whitecapping…

along with blowing displays down and stirring up lots of dust!!!


I have a lot of gorgeous photos of this event so come back for more local color!!!



Please join Mary @ Little Red House for Mosaic Monday!!!

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