Sunday, August 22, 2010

Looking Forward To Seeing Old Friends…

It’s almost Reunion time again…at least we’re busy making plans

OCCHS 1970 Classmates Reunion


OCCHS Alumni Reunion


Ok we’re having two…together…makes it a little easier

on us old folks…



Country Music Stars…Clint Black, Kevin Black and classmate of

1970 Wayne Lanier have donated this guitar (autographed

by Clint Black) to this event…

All profits will be donated to

VFW National Military Services…



Wayne Lanier (OCCHS alumni), Kevin Black and Clint Black…



Last year, our first Alumni Reunion, we were able to donate

$1,615 to Paralyzed Veterans for our efforts and boy, did we have

a great time…a few photos from last year…



Our Class of 1970…What a lot of living we’ve all done!!!


Old friends!!!




Doesn’t this look like fun!!!





We are gonna do it again and it’s going to be even better!!!



The ultimate metamorphosis…yeeks…can’t believe I did this…

I’d love to see “your” personal metamorphosis in photos…

email me or leave a comment with your link!!!


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