Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Makes Me Smile

I’m on a new kick here in Tn. this morning…I’m gonna take care of Becky…I’ve always taken care of everyone and everything…to an excess…I think I may be suffocating my family a little.

image I baked my favorite breakfast…just for me…and Zoe says me too!!!
My favorite bran muffins…and I put everything but the kitchen sink in them!!!
bran buds
chopped apple
Lots of yummy stuff to make them moist and crunchy!!!

image I also had this mug filled with piping hot chocolate…it is in the low sixties this a.m.   Perfect for hot chocolate.
I don’t drink coffee and only drink hot tea occasionally, so a cup of hot chocolate is a treat!

image I probably spent two years looking for the perfect mug for my hot chocolate. I finally found it last year. There was just one but I only needed one since I’m the only one who drinks hot chocolate in this house. Hubby is a big time coffee drinker, I never managed to acquire the taste.
My perfect mug had to be…
something to look forward to using
It is all of that…
I smile when I use it…
I also smile when I can smell hubby’s coffee brewing
Coffee smells so divine
Why can’t I like it???

image I also smile when I see my little vignette of thrifted china setting here…
My big “crackledy” platter is usually hung on a wall somewhere but I took it down yesterday
The little brown transfer ware creamer is something that I also smile at…it’s a happy creamer
the other creamer and dessert dish is part of a little set
I think the yellow and brown plaid is so happy and bright and I love the shape of that creamer


image My incomplete set of these consist of six dessert plates and this cute little creamer…

image It makes me smile when the dishes I use are American made, even though these are vintage…Someone in California fed their family with the wages earned from making my little dishes…that’s a good feeling!!!

image I even still love the soft blue Formica counter tops that I picked out twenty two years ago…
I guess I should upgrade…but I still smile when I see the soft blue color…

image This grungy ole well seasoned muffin pan bakes the best muffins!!! I just wipe it out after using it and my muffins never stick to the pan…

image While my muffins were baking, I did this…
see the red and gold little ginger jar…it was my favorite lamp…it quit working…
so I took the lamp guts and threw them away
then I got out the Gorilla Glue and glued it all together…
I still like it…
It makes me smile!!!
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