Monday, September 7, 2009

Eight years ago…

Eight years ago…9-7-01 We were a nation of naive people…thinking that we were safe…only four days later…we were attacked by foreign powers, they used our own freedoms to viciously attack us…the fredoms that so many have died and sacrificed for.

Now we have to fight for those same freedoms again…within our own country…Our country was found with religious principles which are being taken away from us….It hasn’t been an overnight takeover…it has been happening for many years. It is just now that we have been awakened  !!!

The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us back to the day after 9-11-01…when we were all brothers and sisters in a united country…the way we should be now. We should all be standing and applauding the way our country is supposed to work. Freedoms, competition, freedom of speech and so many other things we have taken for granted are in jeopardy. Please God,  may we stand together as true believers in your grace- for our country relies on your goodness.

Please forgive my soapbox moment…I just needed to say this…


Wishing all of you a beautiful holiday!!!

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