Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love and Politics Do Mix Here In The South!!!

If you’ve ever wondered about true Southern Living, what makes it work, what makes it Heavenly or why we think the South is God’s country…this should answer your questions!!!

True Southern Cuisine…cooked with love…by a community of Americans who love their God, their country and their neighbors…

…and Politicians from every party showed up …some of them were native to the community, these were their “children”, and local politicians who were warmly welcomed but who didn’t represent this community’s beliefs…

pssssttt…you couldn’t tell the difference by the way these people were treated…all were embraced by the love of a community that knew their roots and had no difficulty loving everyone who came and were nourished by wonderful food and a Southern kind of LOVE… This is what we, as a country want to preserve!!!




That PERFECT bite of freshly fried Catfish…steaming…on the way to my mouth!!! Heavenly!!!

image See this hushpuppy…there is an art to a perfect hushpuppy…crispy on the outside and smooth and soft and tasty on the inside…I’ve gone to heaven on this one…perfection!!!

image Coleslaw, french fried potatoes and sweet pickles completed this Southern meal…We anticipate this annual community fishfry all year long…It is prepared by volunteers in the community…yep VOLUNTEERS, hardworking people with jobs, families, farms and everything else that goes with busy lives. They find the time to serve their fellow neighbors!!! I’ve been attending for several years, I didn’t grow up there, I don’t own property there, I have no physical ties to this community, but they welcome me each year with open arms and smile when they see my camera come out of my handbag.

Are you ready for the real kicker???

image This is real Southern, homemade Peach Cobbler!!!  Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you more about this wonderful little Southern community!!!

Join Mary at Little Red House for more mosaics of life!

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