Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker Visit

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker visited this morning at our local library.


BTW…we have a world class library in our little town thanks to some very generous private citizens.



imageOur local county mayor, Benny McGuire, introduced Senator Corker to

the audience of citizens and business leaders.



Senator Corker’s topic concerned “America’s Debt Crisis” and was very informative.

You can read the slide in the above photo comparing  “budgeting” of our average TN income

and contrasted with “Washington Logic”.



In this slide is the graphic representation of how the United States spent it’s money this year…



This slide depicted the graphic of how the United States spent in 1970…an alarming difference!!!



Senator Corker graciously listened to local citizens individually and

answered questions at the conclusion of the formal meeting.




Senator Corker’s Field Director tried to keep him

“on schedule”…

I’m not too sure she succeeded since he had a lot of people wanting to speak to him.

She’s the cute blonde…



Some local officials posing with Sen. Corker



Tennessee Representative-Elect Bill Sanderson visited with Senator Corker.



Local county leader, Mrs. Treena Taylor, shares with Sen. Corker.



Local Republican Lou Garner greets Sen. Corker.


All photos by “Thoughtfully Blended Hearts” ©

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