Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Using a Texture On A Photo In The Picasa Program

I ‘ve had several people ask me how I make a photo with a texture in Picasa.
I developed this on my own and it may be a little bit crazy but it works for me.
I love the beautiful photos that have textures applied and even bought
a Photoshop Elements Program in order to do it.
Well, Photoshop has kicked my butt so I decided I’d figure out a
way around using Photoshop.
It’s so easy to do in Picasa, it’s funny!!!
1. Click on a couple of photos to hold them in your photo bar…
I’ll use these twoimage
A cropped photo of my eye…no reason…
I was playing with a new camera lens while waiting in the car…
I told you I was crazy.
I always enjoy a little bit of time waiting in the car
because I’m usually pretty easily amused with my phone or/and camera!!!
My photo of a rose…cropped…you can crop or not…doesn’t seem to matter.
2. After checking these two photos I click on “Collage”
3.  I then check the first box/ down arrow and you get a list of options
4.  Choose the last option “multiple exposure”…
5.  Now click “Create Collage”
That is all there is to it….if you like it --  keep it, if not try some
different photos till you get what you like!!!
I guess that technically it is a collage but to me it’s a “photo with a texture”…
.but my degree is in business not photography!!! Smile
This is a photo that I used this technique on. I like it a lot..
I’ll show you the two photos I used….
This is our newly elected State Representative being congratulated by his cutie pie wife!!!
This is  a little section of the following photo that I cropped out…

Now quit laughing…
I cropped out the light bokeh in the area to the left and above the birdbath…
it had both bokeh (little yellow and white circles of light) and water drops in it…
I lightened it by adding fill light and highlights…After all of that I made it black and white…
So technically, I guess I made my own texture!!!
I’m sure I’m not the only person to use this technique, I just stumbled upon it by
playing around with my photos…
Hope you enjoy it!!!

Edited...go here for some great textures...

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