Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing My Friend Lisa’s Newest Book

I introduced Lisa Smartt to my bloggy buddies last year.
This year I get to introduce her new book to all of you.
Ta Da…
The Smart View 2:
Work Life  In Progress
The first chapter of this book is titled—
Family:  A Low-Budget Reality Show
This is Lisa’s Hunky Hubby…Phillip…
Lisa was also signing her first book for her fans…
The Smartt View: Life, Love and Cluttered Closets
Lisa’s humor, motivation and her parenting skills are presented in a lovely
“Southern Lady” way even when she is talking
about dirty socks and Chia pets.
She is so entertaining and a joy to be around.
I think anyone would enjoy a copy of her book…
especially for Christmas.
Here is a link to her website where you can order both of her books…

Phillip and Lisa’s sons…

Phillip looked on as Lisa signed my book…
She had many fans at her book signing!!! Now don’t get
me wrong here…but one or two had the biggest ears
I’ve ever seen!!!
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