Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Fought For You By The Sound Tank

My furry best friend Zoe and I blog for comments...

Love from Becky and Zoe

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doggie Day Care

image Buddy and Dixie sharing what is left of a toy!!!


image Please share Buddy!!!


imageI Love You Buddy!!!   pppuuuuhhhhlllleeeezzzeee…


imageWho, me???



image aawwww come on Buddy…


image You might remember Dixie from these photos…

Monday, July 26, 2010

Miss Sue Cooks Dinner…

…and what a dinner it was…This lovely lady “Miss Sue” treated hubby and me and Jackie and Lou to dinner Saturday night. Sue and Jim are extraordinary hosts and we enjoyed every minute of the pampering…
This is what we had…fried cornbread, grilled pork tenderloin with fresh mushrooms and a beautiful sauce, grilled chicken tenderloins, fresh tomatoes, onions, crisp lettuce and those lovely lima beans and in the center is a bowl of beautiful beets…and to top it all off…

Fresh from the oven homemade cherry cobbler with ice cream….mmmm and she apologized for having cherries instead of blackberries :-) I could have snatched the whole pie and sat in the corner with it…it was heavenly…
Miss Sue is a long time interior designer here…I got to see her home workroom…maybe she’ll let me come back to take photos and show all of you!!!
Leave Miss Sue a comment if you’d like to see her cottage or some of her work!!! Hint…she has an inside swing!!!

Thanks for the lovely evening Sue and Jim…we sure enjoyed it and your company!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Family Heirloom Of Memories…

All summer I have been trying to renovate one bedroom. Yes…working on one bedroom since early May!!! Sad isn’t it??? I stripped wallpaper, respackled, sanded, and applied almost five gallons of primer to one bedroom. Yes, the walls and ceiling were very thirsty!!! I worked so hard that I really hurt my hands. I had to take six weeks off to heal the tendons in my hands due to overuse. Yes, the doctor’s bill and x-rays would have more than paid someone to do the whole job for me. Just call me bull headed, hard headed or stupid but it looks like I’ll never learn. I used to paint or wallpaper a bedroom in one night when the kids had gone to bed…darn this getting old stuff!!!

The good news is --- the ceiling and the entire room are painted. I’m working on a second coat for my window trim and then painting the closet and hall doors. I’ve applied paint to two pieces of furniture, an antique chest of drawers and an old sofa table to use in the room.
Here are the photos of my Mom’s first chest of drawers that I have worked on…

image I had lightly sanded it a long time ago and just never got to finishing the painting.

image I filled in some of the worst gouges and scratches and sanded the filler smooth…

image I remember my Mom telling me about this suite of furniture when she was first married in the early  forties.
She paid for it by the week from a local furniture store. It probably wasn’t more that a quarter or fifty cents a week.
Remember that was a substantial sum in those years and she was earning the money by working in a shirt factory.


imageHere she is … in all her primed glory…I’m not quite through with her so I’ll show you the finished project soon. I think she
is looking pretty spiffy so far…now I have to decide about painting or refinishing the original hardware!!!
A beautifully sprayed on finishing coat sure would be great to have!!!

Miss Jan over at Bobby Pins Boardwalk just posted this video about her new paint sprayer…
I want one…this would have made my job so much easier and faster!!! I probably wouldn’t
have injured my hands if I had used one of these!!!

Did you see how easy it looks???
She is even giving one of these away…go here to see how to win one!!!
Jan has a great blog so sign up to follow her!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Celebrating An Anniversary

image Wishing this beautiful couple a Wonderful Thirty-first Wedding Anniversary!!!

To:  Alison and Phillip Bell of Jackson, Tn.

…from Michael and Becky

Baudos certainly knows how to give an anniversary celebration a lot of class!!!

…and I didn’t get a bite of that lovely lemon blueberry cheesecake!!!


“The Election Isn’t Over…We’ve Already “Won”…”

Huh…Tiffany said this to Michael and me last night…“we’ve already won”,  she wasn’t talking about the winning number

of votes but the value of running this campaign in our great nation!!!


image This is Tiffany’s fiancé…

Mr. Randy Smith of Jackson, TN. is running for the Republican nomination to run

as their candidate for the eighth Congressional District of Tennessee.


imageThis is Tiffany and Randy…Randy is the chef at Baudo’s Restaurant in Jackson…

and what a chef…here’s what we had to eat after talking to Randy and Tiffany and some of their children…


image Michael had the stuffed Grouper….with that gorgeous sauce…


image This is my chicken Picatta…I cut it so you could see that luscious chicken and that

sauce was a lovely light lemony concoction…served with pasta…it was divine!!!


image This is Randy showing us his antique wine press…Randy’s Grandfather actually used this press

in Chicago…(not in TN). I love that they can display something that has a lovely family history.

Family and the love of family is such an important characteristic for a political candidate…

Randy told me about his children with a beaming face and a giggle that only a Grandad can carry off.

Yes, he is the grandfather of Connor, who is one year old. Connor’s Dad is Randy’s oldest son Dion.

Sydney is Randy’s adult daughter and …


image This is the hug that I caught between Randy and Nicoletta…Nicoletta is 10 years old and a

darling little lady!!!


image “Lemme see that…”…my first photo caught this little guy, Peyton who is four…that’s not furry hair, it’s a hat…


image This is Mr. Jackson, who is six, he came prepared!!! …for anything…


image This family portrait says it all…Randy Smith…YOU HAVE ALREADY WON and it

is not even election day!!! You’ve won the love and respect of a great number

of people, including your family, in the eighth congressional district. You won our hearts and respect the first time you

whipped that tattered copy of the Constitution out of your breast pocket…and it wasn’t a political ploy…because we know

that you believe in that document and honor all of the people who have fought so diligently to preserve it.



image You’ve WON because these two ladies, Tiffany and your beautiful Mother, Sharon know exactly who you are

and where you stand. YOU’VE WON because you devoted four years during Desert Storm in the US Navy serving

aviation ordnance for the A-6.


imageYou’ve already  WON because these precious people are safe…


imageYou’ve already WON because of your work and support of all these people…silently and in the background…

like so many heroes do…

You’ve weathered this tough campaign at your own expense. You and Tiffany have conducted the most respectful campaign

of all the candidates. My compliments to the two of you for not allowing negativity to taint your campaign.


imageThis is Randy Smith and his political opponents

Dr. Ron Kirkland

Mr. Steve Fincher

Dr. George Flinn

I have met and talked to each of these men several times recently and I suspect

that each one of them have somewhat similar stories to Randy…similar but different. We have four very good candidates,

four very good men…not perfect men…by uniting we can do anything in the name of Jesus Christ is my

prayer for each one of you!!! Good luck Randy and all of the opponents. Each one of you are winners!!!


Now I just want to share some more of my photos…as you can see, I had a blast with this family!!!  Maybe I should call these the “Out takes”…










Guess which one was the most “challenging”???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gotta Love A Politician … With The Name …Zach Wamp!!!



This is Mr. Zach Wamp (right), who is running for Governor of Tennessee…

he is shaking the hand of a nice gentleman who is my newest buddy…

and shall remain nameless ;-)…  I do thank him for buying my breakfast!!!


imageCute little Wamp supporters…do ya think I can call them “Wampies” ???

No, better not!!!




image I was thoroughly impressed with Zach, one of his comments was that our country

was found on the premise of Christianity and to remain what we are

we should remain a Christian country!!! Got my vote right there!!!


imageThis impromptu event was held in the cutest restaurant, I’ll do another post on it…the name

of the restaurant is The Cozy Kitchen in Dyersburg, TN…


image  This is the cutie that owns “The Cozy Kitchen”…and it is a blogger’s dream…

ok…I’ll cover that on my next post…


imageZach Wamp said that he would work to help rural West Tennessee…the western part of

Tennessee has largely been left behind in the growth of industry and is suffering.

I’ve blogged about my hubby working in a city 65 miles from our home, my son is

also working in that town and my daughter and son-in-law have moved to Jackson because

of their jobs. It is so sad to see our home grown and educated population leave here. We have

a great University of Tennessee campus within 15 miles of home and it is called a weekly college because

all of the students go “home” on weekends…


imageJim Jackson and Zach Wamp


imageLou and Zach


imageJim, a local auctioneer, and Lou


imageJim and this gentleman discovered that they went to the same one-room school as children…

they shared some stories about the school with us…


image Some pretty snazzy wheels!!!


image I’m sorry but I just had to post this photo…When I asked this man if I could take his photo…he quipped

“…want me to wave like Gomer Pyle?” …wouldn’t you know just as I snapped …


image …Now for the professional pose…

This is Mr. Jeff Jones, he is the Dyer County Highway Department superintendent

…p.s. he was so much fun to meet!!! Gotta love small town life and all of it’s inhabitants!!!  


image Thanks so much for following my “political” posts!!! The man on the left is Zach’s campaign manager …

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