Monday, April 26, 2010


I live in a very small town. There aren’t many places to shop  in this small town and when I have a few extra minutes I like to shop some. I usually don’t really need much since my husband and dogs don’t have a lot of  “needs”. I prefer to shop antique, thrift, second hand shops and enjoy getting a bargain on a piece of furniture that I can re-finish or some old dishes that I enjoy. I don’t need any of this!!!

image I love white milk glass…these are probably not milk glass…but I like them and got them at Goodwill!!!

For the past five or so years we’ve had a local Goodwill Store and I’ve enjoyed buying things that I didn’t need but have enjoyed. For the past year or so the prices on everything have climbed and climbed.

image This red ceramic basket was a white ceramic basket…I wanted a red one…so I spray painted it red…

I know this area very well and know what the average working family can spend for clothes, etc. Goodwill has priced themselves out of  reach of most working families’  budgets.

image I purchased this cute little tree at Goodwill—it was silver—I painted it white

Goodwill has been on my mind recently…while blog surfing I happened upon someone who also was having some of the same questions.  Jan @ posted about Goodwill and a Goodwill representative addressed  her concerns. I think I’m going to have to agree with her but it hurts since I’ve enjoyed shopping at Goodwill before their recent price increases.

image I purchased four of these silver goblets at Goodwill, they went to my Lindsey’s house…and I did not spray paint them!!!

I have this love/hate relationship with Goodwill. I want it to be beneficial to someone when I purchase or donate things!!! I don’t want my money lining  some big shot’s pockets!!! image If anyone finds one of these at Goodwill---CALL ME ASAP--- I want it!!!


Jan has a fabulous blog!!! Visit her and see what she and others have to say about Goodwill…



Living The Life That I Imagine…


During the cold winter months this is what I dream of…


Mary at Little Red House has some pretty neat dreams also!!!

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