Thursday, October 29, 2009

My “Other” Home…


How’s this for Curb Appeal Tootsie??? Anybody want to help me landscape tonight??? Lots of dead stuff and some funny lookin 6X3 ft. holes??? Anybody seen my cat???


Oh, Tootsie, don’t get your shoes dirty helping me, I’ll let you wear a pair of these…


Got those shoes on Toots… follow me past the pet’s pen….sshhhh…he doesn’t like to be disturbed…


Put your shoes on the porch, Tootsie, don’t want the dogs chewin on em’…


Aren’t ya glad you changed shoes girl, since we have to cross over the lil fish pond thingy…


Aren’t ya glad we “freshened up” before starting this landscaping job???


We’ll have to spread these out in order to get us some “color”…


Tootsie, careful, remember our “pets”…


Oh, there’s my little kitty…Tootsie, Tootsie, Tooootttsssieeeeeeeeeeeeeee, where are ya???? We’ve got work to do!!!



I guess you can find Tootsie here since she’s not helping me anymore!!!

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