Monday, October 19, 2009

Brown Turkey Figs…

This is my Brown Turkey Fig Tree…I’m ashamed…I have something on my conscience…I have to confess this publicly…I had a tree full of figs this summer and I didn’t do a thing with them…I ate some, but I didn’t make Fig Jam or Fig Chutney or any other fig dish…I’m sorry…but I sure have fat and happy birds and squirrels…that eases my conscience ….a little…I’m sorry, I promise I’ll do better next year!!!
It has these gorgeous huge leaves that are just a little tinged by the frost…still beautiful…
It still has a few figs that haven’t ripened and won’t get to ripen because of the frost…
The leaves are beautiful, I’ve seen bloggers who use them to decorate a beautiful dish that they created…not me…I’m sorry…I’ll do better next year!!!
An empty bird’s nest wearing a dried fig and some bugs…I could say that I didn’t want to disturb it, but I’d be dishonest, I didn’t know it was there before I took these pictures, I’m sorry I’ll do better next year!!!
A wasp thinks he owns this tree…I’m sorry I’ll do better next year!!!
The Brown Turkey Fig Tree did so well this year…I didn’t, I’m sorry, I’ll do better next year!!!


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