Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Leaving TN On Wednesday… On A Mission…




image Our biggest criticism last year was for our signs…the ones that said how we “the taxpayers really felt”…

image This coming Saturday…we will have our flags…and our presence will be known worldwide!!!

image We will be there with the future generations of our country!!!

image We will be dressed for the occasion!!!

image Freedom Lovers United…

image We will help each other!!!

image …wearing our patriotism…one way or another!!!

image …we will remember our signs from 9-12-09 because that is what angered “them”…

image We are making “history” and all the politicians will run from the city…

image They will run because they know “honor will wear their patriotism on their sleeves” proudly and with conviction!!!

image This could be our next “George Washington”…the one who stood for honor and truth !!!

image Our generation of real hope is educated by loving parents and taught to love God and Country !!!

image Last year’s signs are etched in our brains…no need to see them again…

imageRestore Honor because it’s not too late.

imageThis remains my favorite sentiment!!!
Now it is up to “us” to restore
image FDNY

image Dichotomy of 2009

image Please pray for our country and those of us who will peacefully
observe 8-28 in restoring honor!!!
Freedom will never die because we honor it!!!

imageI sure wish I had a hat like this to wear for the weekend!!!

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