Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Longing for some “outdoors” time…time when my teeth don’t chatter…

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Susan at http:// hosts OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY today so please visit all of her participants…

Being outdoors heals my psyche, makes me whole, gives my perspective on life a lift, in other words, “I’m tired of winter”.

I need some spring sunshine, buttercups, forsythia, new puppies or children in our neighborhood. The buttercups are actually blooming in some places here but it has been too uncomfortable to get photos of them so I’ll just reminisce and anticipate spring. All of these photos were taken in our yard so enjoy how things “can be”.



IMG_0140 IMG_0142


IMG_0320 IMG_0177 IMG_0159


phone pics 062



phone pics 089

phone pics 027


phone pics 017

phone pics 031

phone pics 056

IMG_0276 IMG_0181

phone pics 065


My front yard trees used to look like this…“pre ice storm 2009”


[Outdoor Wednesday logo[4].png]

A future post for OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY to see what these trees will look like this summer will be here shortly… (June or so….)

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