Friday, June 3, 2011

Soooooooooo Far Behind...

I’m so far behind with my blog posts that

I’ve decided to just play for a while.

I’ll play with my’ve seen some of them...

Some are new...

Right now I’m on sensory overload...

Stay with me peeps, please,

I’ll have some something of substance to say soon.


I think I just need a “brain” vacation...


My thermometer says 101  103 so I’m not going anywhere...

Quite frankly, what is going on in our country depresses me.

I need to spend some time seeing and creating a little beauty in order

to be able to live in the present.




The following snaps are from a meeting held here last night.


Mrs. Barbara Harding, Col. Jim Harding, Shirley Senn and Phillip Senn.

( on each of Col. Harding’s links)


Phillip Senn, Chairman GOP, Sue Jackson Vice Chairman GOP,

 Col. Harding,  me, Secretary GOP, David Parks, Treasurer GOP

and Rob Joyner,  Assistant Treasurer GOP.


Col. Harding and Felecia Garrigus.



Kurt Holbert, TN State Executive Committee and Mike Daniel.


State Representative Bill Sanderson and Allison Ellegood.


Mrs. Barbara was the photographer of this photo

of Michael and myself...thanks Barbara.


I love that we are friends of Barbara and the Colonel.

They are true Christians, Leaders and Patriots.

Truthfully, I’m in a much better mood after posting this and

realizing how lucky we are in this country to be surrounded

by such wonderful people.


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