Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Morkie…


Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m three years old!!! I am a Morkie and I have a buddy named Buddy

…Buddy is seven years old and he is a Lab mixed with

Border Collie (we think)…


image This is me and Buddy (right) and Dixie (left) exploring. We are big time explorers around here…

Sometimes we almost catch a white squirrel…


image Sometimes we let DaddyBoy go with us…if he has been good!!!


image Yep, I’m the leader…see!!!


image I can run fast!!!


imageThis is my Kitty…I have to kiss him everyday!!! His name is Snakebit…cause he was bit by a snake

when he was a baby kitty…that was before I came here…a long time before …DaddyBoy took

care of him and made him all better!!!


image That’s Dixie, she’s a puppy and always gettin into something!!!


image…like this!!! 


image there’s one of those squirrels that we let go…we’re nice like that … cause

Mom would get upset if we “got” one of the white squirrels…

she’s always trying to take photos of them!!!

We’re so much cuter!!!


image Those silly squirrels…


image“Buddy, Dixie when Mom goes in…we’ll get that squirrel…all right guys!!!”



image Stay there Buddy while I get Dixie!!!



image Aw Buddy!!! Come on…


imageawwww Dixie…come on!!!



image Come on down and play Mr. Squirrel!!! Puuhhhllleeeezzzeeeee!!!







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