Friday, July 8, 2011

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I’m behind with everything . . . on the blog . . . in the house . . .

my car is even needing a thorough clean-out . . .

I thought about the dilemma and decided that . . .

I need to catch up pinning on Pinterest, first

Then my blog needs to be updated

Then . . . well, it’ll probably be suppertime so that will be the next “important”

thing I’ll catch up with . . .

There is always tomorrow to clean the house and car, right???


First ....... Pinterest is addictive and should be banned!!!  . . .

at least till I get my house cleaned.

If you want to become addicted - - -here is my page- - -

send me a message and I’ll send you an invite . . .

so you can live in a dirty scattered home

and drive a messy dirty car !!!


imageI got to meet these wonderful people a few weeks ago. I met them in

Jackson, Tn. for lunch. This is Betsy and George, you know, those famous two

from Crossville, Tn. Betsy writes Joyful Reflections and that is exactly the perfect

description of her and her blog. I love her bird and landscape photos so much and

she posts yummy photos of their beautiful gardens and flowers....awww shoot...I’m

just a big stalker when it comes to her blog.

Now George, he is such a great photographer and gardener that he needs two blogs,

Senior Moments and Photos by Senior Hiker.

Yep, what a guy, and he grows the most fantastic roses. I also stalk his blogs!!!

It was a very special lunch we (Michael got to join us) shared when

they stopped in Jackson, Tn. and I loved every moment of it.

Wanna know a secret, in person, they are exactly the same as they are on their blogs!!!

How cool is that???

It was wonderful meeting you two and we look forward to

seeing you again!!!



Betsy and Becky

Guess I’ll go clean my house now . . .Sad smile

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