Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overbooked? Of Course Not…


I’ve been AWOL this past week because I’ve been trying to get my house in shape for a really busy week.

I ‘m hosting a reunion planning meeting and an early meal Saturday afternoon from four till six..

These guys are more like family now…I’m so happy to get to host this last one…


 imageWe will be attending a dinner at six-thirty where this “guy” will be doing the cooking!!!

Come to think of it, these guys are like family also and it’s always a treat to be in their company!!!



Thursday is Thanksgiving and we’ll be cooking dinner for all of our kids.


Next Friday is our 1970 High School Reunion at four o’clock. Forty years sure was short!!!


Our entire high school is having a reunion at eight, that is two reunions in one night…


 On Saturday I always help host my friend’s annual Christmas Open House…and take photos.




After all of that, I plan on spending some quality time on something like this with a glass

of the above…but after that I’ll have lots of photos to share!!!

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