Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tough and Romantic, what a combination…

I’ve enjoyed my Calla Lilies so much this summer, all the rain must have made them very happy since I moved them this spring and didn’t think they would bloom at all this year…

They surprised me with lovely blooms…









I never liked these lilies before I started growing them, now I’m fascinated by them…each bloom is like a wonderful surprise for some reason…the streaks of gold and green give them depth and the texture is so very creamy, the best thing about them is –they’re tough—the dogs walk through them all the time and the blooms last for a long time when cut and brought inside. These are a few of my white ones and I also have yellow ones. The yellow ones are about seven years old and I keep moving them and they still keep coming up in their original location. They’ve even survived being tilled with the garden tiller several times.


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