Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have You Honored A Fallen Hero???

Northwest Tennessee honored one of their fallen heroes today…SGT Israel “Izzy” O’Bryan…
I enlarged the elements of the poster so that you could see them better…this is the young man that was honored…but wait…the story
gets better…It is a heartwarming story…but it’ll take some of your time…

Please send  your comments to Izzy's Mom...
I am just telling the story…
Izzy’s son, his wife, stepfather, sister,  Mom and all of his
family gave their loved one for us…

Izzy gave all…

We surround your family Izzy!!!
PJ Kellogg, a Marine from Jackson honored Izzy by running 50 miles from Newbern, Tn to Jackson, Tn…do you know how hot and humid it is in
Tennessee in July??? PJ is the one featured inside the triangle in the above photo…
PJ had a little help!!!
image I guess you could say…a lot of help!!!
Rolling Thunder escort!!!
Before the finish line…
image After running 50 miles…btw it was 94 degrees…
Congratulations PJ…a job well done!!!
image This little cutie was shouting USA in the biggest booming voice…she was adorable!!!
Proud Mom of her Marine!!! I’m sure he was a hero also!!!
imageIzzy’s sister, stepfather and Mother…
Please honor Izzy by emailing them!!! Bloggers have the biggest hearts!!!

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