Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love photography and blogging…

My new passion is photography, and I love posting my photos on my blog. I’ve spent a lot of time and work on my blog and I’m pretty proud of it. It may not be much to many but it’s mine and I love the opportunity to post something that I personally like so that others can see it and comment it on it if they want to. It’s a freedom that isn’t known by everyone on this planet.


More people than I’ve ever dreamed have seen my backyard since I started blogging a few months ago.


I’ve been amazed at the interest that has been shown about the white squirrels that live in my backyard…



and my love affair with this little ten pound ball of fluff…Zoe.

My son, and I are going to a large Southern city to pick up my best friend…




and this handsome son of mine, Justin (No, Zoe has to stay home with Buddy and Daddy),


and this lovely lady… Jackie. (She’s taking time off from her guy and her job as a nurse practictioner)

Then we’re flying to the capitol of our nation.

To show our support of what this country means to all of us---we’re going to DC…

100_0127-1 Just couldn’t help myself, one of my photos of a sign from a tea party this summer…


This is what we believe…and because of our freedoms, I can post these photos of mine …on Thoughtfully Blended Hearts…


We want to preserve this…


and most importantly “THIS”…


We are thankful in every way for those who died for our freedoms!!!!


We are thankful for heroes like these two who survived.


This is what we’ll be doing…


We will be standing up for our country….standing up for you, whoever you are, whatever your beliefs are because…


For more information about where we are going … go here…hopefully I’ll see ya there!!! If you’d like to leave a note I’ll print them and deliver them to my reps. in DC.


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