Monday, July 11, 2011

“Elvis Has Left The Building”

When you live in a small rural community life can get

a little complicated and sometimes scary. 

Then your neighbors show up . . . and help you out.


Saturday night we attended a small community benefit for one of their

young men who had been hurt in a work accident.

Everyone volunteered their time and work... even ELVIS . . .and



he had a little sidekick  (Elvis trainee I think).

Look at that shiner ! ! !

It was great and we had a blast.

I’m sharing some of the photos I got.


This was held in the local volunteer fire station and yes,

that is a Christmas tree in the background,

I’m sure they were just getting ready a little early  :-) ! ! !


On a sidenote, this little community was completely destroyed

a couple of years ago by tornadoes.



Peeps, this is  The “Real” America!!!


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. . .but maybe not the “real” Elvis . . .



Hey Linda, look at your little sister!!!




“Elvis trainee”


Wooo weee



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Joining Mary @ Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

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