Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Political Fundraiser…


My friend Jackie and I attended a Women’s Political Luncheon Saturday. It was held at our local university. The reason we attended was to support the young man in this mosaic. He is an aspiring local politician. He is exactly what our country needs right now, a young man with morals and Christian beliefs that are unshakable.


In the mosaic above our young politician is surrounded by his beautiful wife, mother and grandmother. What a perfect way to start your campaign by being supported by the most important ladies in his life!!! This young couple were actually glowing (Btw wife is 6 wks preggo) with their no. 3!!!

image These beautiful young ladies provided some wonderful entertainment. They are both   students of biology at this university. That beautiful redhead is the daughter of  Mike Snyder, country music’s banjo pickin’ comedian that hails from our area. Talk about talent, these two beauties have it all!!!


                           Each luncheon table was colorfully decorated and the meal was wonderful!!!



                 The speakers table held those two beautiful cakes. Our politician’s wife baked both of them           and  they were auctioned for mucho bucks!!!



The gentlemen in the center top photo is a local political leader, I think he was eating Tums at that point. Jackie and I had been “discussing” politics with him.

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