Thursday, September 10, 2009

D C is Patriot City This Weekend

Hi everyone, I’m blogging from DC…cool huh…using my lovely hostess’s computer…

Sharing some pictures and a little story about my Congressman dodging three of us from his hometown…

Liberty Summit 014

A welcome sign when we got off the Metro…

Liberty Summit 015

The Armory where the “Freedom Works” Liberty Summit…

Liberty Summit 038

I’ll give more details later -but this is Dick Armey…Chairman of Freedom Works

Liberty Summit 045

A few of the speakers…

Liberty Summit 047

Okay, some people had to have some fun!!!!

Liberty Summit 051

Leave it to a blogger to find a “Yard Sale”…downtown DC…woohoo…no trucks though…

Liberty Summit 082

Ops…Justin fell a little behind us…

Liberty Summit 092

Liberty Summit 094

Liberty Summit 096

I gave this lady a heartfelt hug…right there on the street corner…she deserved it!!!

Liberty Summit 097

Liberty Summit 100

Goldstar Military Mom…I think she is 86….WOW!!!

Liberty Summit 101

Liberty Summit 106

Liberty Summit 113

Her Dad just came home in May from fighting for her!!!!Liberty Summit 133

Rep. Marsha Blackburn welcomed us with open arms and much hospitality….and treated our remarks with much respect…Kudos to Ms. Marsha!!!!

Liberty Summit 137

We met with an intern at our Representative's office, John Tanner (we're all from the same hometown) she was polite…John came into the office while we were talking with this intern, he never spoke to us or acknowledged our presence…We were sitting about three feet from him…THREE VOTERS!!!

I’ll be back with more asap…

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