Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Many Eggplant Photos Can I Post???



It is so hot and humid here that I can’t breathe . . .

A little asthma coupled with cornfields on all sides of my home keeps me

captive until we get some weather relief . . .



Michael and I  picked this cute little eggplant trio and some cherry tomatoes . . .

He spent the afternoon finishing the mowing that I started earlier this week.






Aren’t they cute???

Their diminutive size reminds me of my Mom . . .

not that she was diminutive . . .

she just had to pick things before they were really ready to pick!!!



We always had those teeny tiny potatoes that you see now

being advertised as organic baby potatoes . . .

Not . . . she just couldn’t wait for them to get any larger!!!

Good memories ! ! !




That nice smokey effect on these photos . . .

My camera lens was fogged because it was so hot and humid . . .

I made these photos at 8 p.m. on my porch . . .

I never managed to get it completely unfogged.




My little eggplants all dressed up in a Kim Klassen texture!!!


It makes a mama proud!!!


Joining Mary @ Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

Woo Hoo  I’m joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday...with my eggplant trio

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