Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Personal Valentine Story


My husband (Michael) and I have been married for eleven years.

That is not many years for a couple of fifty-something year old people. We both had adult children and Michael had a grandchild when we married.

My son was thirteen years old at the time, what a lovely age for a new step parent...

I had been widowed for quite a few years and Michael had been divorced longer that he had been married.

Sounds so cut and dry --- doesn’t it ? ? ?



I just thought I’d throw a bit of background in here...but I assure you these last eleven years have been anything but cut and dry.

“Thoughtfully Blended Hearts” is the way we decided to approach our marriage.

We thought and planned on how we would blend our hearts and families.

Therefore Thoughtfully Blended Hearts became the name for this blog and

Living and Loving Intensely

became the perfect by-line.



One of the reasons our marriage has worked is because of  “the little things” ...

yes little things make up a great relationship. My favorite Valentine gift was one of those little things.



Michael was working in a large hospital about seventy miles from our home.

He was working long twelve hour days and the commute added more than two more hours to his daily job.

On one Valentine Day he stopped on his way to work to buy me some flowers since it would be too late to get them when he got off.

His next step was keeping the flowers for his entire twelve hour shift.

His solution was to ask a very sick lady if she would mind “watching” those flowers for his entire shift !!!



This older lady was so happy to have this task that she told everyone that came in her room

about how she was “keeping” Michael’s flowers on that Valentine Day...



I wouldn’t have cared if he had brought dead stems home to me...

it was just the fact that this simple task had given a very sick lady some joy and pleasure along with a sense of being needed by someone.

This is one of my very favorite “little” things that make me so proud of the man that I am married to!!! 



Happy Valentine to my “Sweetie”... I love You more than you’ll ever know!!!




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