Monday, July 26, 2010

Miss Sue Cooks Dinner…

…and what a dinner it was…This lovely lady “Miss Sue” treated hubby and me and Jackie and Lou to dinner Saturday night. Sue and Jim are extraordinary hosts and we enjoyed every minute of the pampering…
This is what we had…fried cornbread, grilled pork tenderloin with fresh mushrooms and a beautiful sauce, grilled chicken tenderloins, fresh tomatoes, onions, crisp lettuce and those lovely lima beans and in the center is a bowl of beautiful beets…and to top it all off…

Fresh from the oven homemade cherry cobbler with ice cream….mmmm and she apologized for having cherries instead of blackberries :-) I could have snatched the whole pie and sat in the corner with it…it was heavenly…
Miss Sue is a long time interior designer here…I got to see her home workroom…maybe she’ll let me come back to take photos and show all of you!!!
Leave Miss Sue a comment if you’d like to see her cottage or some of her work!!! Hint…she has an inside swing!!!

Thanks for the lovely evening Sue and Jim…we sure enjoyed it and your company!!!

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