Sunday, November 22, 2009

White Squirrels and A Blue/Pink Hydrangea


This hydrangea is right beside my back door, it’s protected by the house on the north side and it sure wants to keep on blooming this year…these blooms are small but still beautiful…and they’re all on the same bush. See the little visitor in the bottom right shot.




I caught a few shots of  a couple of our white squirrels, they’re exceptionally hard to get good photos of. I was using a long distance lens so the close up is a bit blurry.


I’m editing this post to answer some questions about our white squirrels. We have many on our property and in our neighborhood. They are not common in the town where we live. A small neighboring town has them but that’s about it. They are a bit smaller than the ordinary brown or grey squirrels but they don’t seen to mind. I love to watch them so much and have had a lot of trouble capturing good photos of them. They play with the ordinary brown squirrels and we see adults and babies, they have their nests high in our trees. I’m always vigilant about keeping them safe and have had to make many little boys with their b b guns run. I just can’t stand for them to be injured or killed. I’m probably the mean ole lady in the brick house!!!

Sally and Mary’s blogs are great places to visit today!!!

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