Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Christmas Gifts…

I drove to Jackson, Tn. early this morning for a Doctor’s appointment and while listening to the local radio show they were talking about crazy Christmas gifts. Listeners called in with their own versions of “crazy”…I loved the lady who called and told about getting grave markers one memorable year…yep … he told her he loved her “forever”…roflol…I actually called in…I called in to tell about a former mother-in-law who gave me half of a dish towel…she gave the other half to another daughter-in-law…the lady I talked with at the radio station is still laughing.


Disclaimer…this is not the half-towel…I just wish it had looked half this good…

When I received my half-towel, it wasn’t funny, in fact, it took a couple of decades for it to become funny. At least I don’t have to deal with that dingbat anymore… I also got one of a set of figurines one year, the same sister-in-law got the other one…I threw mine away…I know…I should have given mine to the sister-in-law, that’s why I didn’t…

imageThe set of figurines didn’t look this good either…



All of this is why I love my son-in-law…he loves me in spite of the stupid things I do…I’m looking forward to having a daughter-in-law one of these days, I’ve learned a lot of the things “not” to do.




Michael likes to tell about the “velvet Elvis” that traveled the world with his submarine fleet…Elvis traveled the east and west coasts, and was gifted to many new homes around submarine bases. The painting showed up at a lot of birthday parties, it was presented as as a wedding gift to a couple who divorced after forty-five days. The painting was acquired in Tijuana and painted by a local artist and was last seen at the Millington, TN. Naval Base in 1993 when the submarine branch was phased out of that base.image


Do you have any “crazy” Christmas gifts in your past, if so, share them with us in the comments section…we all need a laugh…and you can always use the anonymous option if you’d like :-)

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