Monday, April 5, 2010

Republican, Democrat or Independent??? How Can You Tell???


My Buddy Jackie with  Bill and Valerie Sanderson…


Dianne, Bill and Valerie Sanderson…do you think they were enjoying the fish fry???

imageJudy Barker and Bennie McGuire…bet ya can’t tell which party or parties these two are from… See what I mean about a small community and their love !!! BTW, both are incumbents…different parties, different offices…

image  Bennie and his “baby” sister!!! I love family portraits!!!

imageHoward was part of the hard-working team that did the cooking and Bill, I think he was admiring their productivity…while enjoying peach cobbler!!!

imageHi, Lady with the camera, who is always sticking her nose in what we’re doing,  taking those lovely snapshots!!!


image The glamorous life of a politician’s family…slaving over the hot deep fryer…smiling and visiting with the local blogger…Bennie, you may owe these two big time!!!



Hard, hot work makes Howard so happy!!! Linda ,what have you gotten me into this time???

imageI think Bennie is trying to convince Michael to vote for him, he may have gotten my vote when he came over to talk to us and didn’t disturb my eating that wonderful fish… we discussed his opponent, a dear friend of mine, and we both agreed that Treena is one classy lady!!!   Does that sound like our national politicians???  No !!!

image Gordon Fox is running for an office here in our county that another friend of mine has held for twenty plus years. She is retiring. He brought us some notepads with his name and photo…his election isn’t until November. I think he knew everyone in the building!!!



Judy Barker is an incumbent and visited and gave out some Tennessee travel literature. Judy is a self employed lawyer and her husband is a self employed health care individual. Small towns ya know!!!

There was another local politician who arrived after I left…his wife and family were there but I failed to get photos of them…sorry Jimmy!!!

image Good ole Southern sweet tea was served by these two ladies…Becky (left) and her husband will be attending our next class of 1970 reunion planning meeting on April 10…I see more fun to photograph then!!!


A catfish frying pro…!!!

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