Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photos From Virginia

Finally I have something for a post Tootsie…woo hoo…

it doesn’t belong to me but I got the photos!!! Photos count don’t they!!!


This gorgeous hydrangea bloom belongs to my husband’s sister-in-law who lives in Virginia…

she always has the most gorgeous deep blue blooms on her hydrangeas!!!

image This little perfect bed also belongs to the relatives in Virginia.

Since I don’t have their permission to post the photos of the owners I’ll just have to let you enjoy these two spots in their yard.


image I can share these photos that I made of downtown Fredericksburg, Va.


image A beautiful home and yard in Fredericksburg.


image Isn’t this the most divine old brick wall???


image I think this is an agave…someone please correct me if I’m wrong…


image I love these little curly-queue thingys!!!


image I always try to take identifying photos of places I’ve been to…

I just forget the details…I think this was the home of Martha Washington’s sister…


image I’m still drooling over the old brick walls…look at that moss…




image A couple of summers ago I tried to lay a similar walk with some old bricks…

didn’t work out for me…but it was a good idea!!! It was a lot

more difficult than I thought it would be so I really admire this walk!!!


image Nectar for the butterfly!!!


image One sweet little Dahlia…geeze it’s August you know…have to make the most of what you can find!!!


image Look at the pollen on this hungry little bee!!!


imageYou should be able to see the pollen a bit better with this shot!!!


imageI think that SIL said this is Carolina Jasmine…

at first I thought it was Autumn Clematis…


image Wouldn’t it be great to have a cold frame like this one…

I think it had four or five different levels…


image Living here might not have been fun all the time…

that’s a cannonball embedded in the front wall!!!


image The view of this historic home from the street…

the cannonball is between the top windows on the right side…


image The view of the house from the garden side and the summer kitchen is to the left…

an identical building on the right was used as an office or shop in recent years…


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  1. OMG!! That hydrangea is to die for!
    I adore your shot of the bee with pollen!!!
    You are a fab photograhper!

  2. What a Wonderful post:) Love the picture of the house in Fredericksburg and Love that Mossy brick wall. What Great Shots!
    Have a Wonderful weekend ~

  3. Looks as if you have a fabulous time. The pictures are great. Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. You were in Fredericksburg????? That's where I am!! Love your photos of Kenmore, and that stone house across the street is one of my favorites (though I hate the addition they put on the back of it). Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely photos! That bee REALLY gets around, doesn't he :) Thanks for "taking us along" on such a delightful trip. Those lovely old homes are so beautiful.

  6. Great pictures Becky, it was a great day in Fredericksburg.

  7. I have never seen a hydrangea that blue, how awesome! What a wonderful tour, I feel like I was there. All the brickwork, wow, that is a lot of work, and love the moss. Excellent photography!

  8. All your photos were gorgeous. The hydrangea was such an intense blue. Loved the bee.

  9. Thanks for the photos from Fredericksburg. I've always wanted to visit there because of the battlefield. Some homes in Yorktown, Virginia, also have cannonballs embedded in the walls from that battle.

  10. Your photos are gorgeous. You picked the best subjects. I love that wall.

  11. Hi Becky! Oh, what a beautiful post! I love your gorgeous pictures and your fancy dancy background on your blog and your cute picture.
    I've never been to Fredericksburg and showed the cannon ball in the wall to Mr. Precious! He said, oh yes there were battles there. He loves the war stuff!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. LOVE that hydrangea...and your new header! :)

  13. that cute little bundle of fur is what first caught my attention to your blog.....



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