Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…just kiddin…but I have lost all of my blog pictures…just gone…and I’m tryin to get em back up…

But it’s a big job…don’t know if I have the patience to replace all of them…I got a new hard drive to store all of my photographs on and I have totally done some bad things evidently…like deleting all the blog pictures I’ve posted…

IMG_4198 IMG_1346 IMG_1797 IMG_1944

IMG_4241 IMG_1802-1

new zoe 100 IMG_1923

IMG_1671 IMG_4146

IMG_2047 2008-04-28 Justins Pics1 IMG_1418 IMG_2161 IMG_2176 IMG_1443 IMG_1061

Collages 3-10-091

mosaic3918683 IMG_1383 IMG_1696 IMG_0167

IMG_0218 IMG_0126

IMG_3647 IMG_3731

IMG_3110 IMG_2967

IMG_3100 IMG_3150 becky and goat IMG_3293 IMG_3265 IMG_3275

These are totally unrelated photos…I just have to work out a new method of archiving my photos so I don’t do anything “stupid” again…


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