Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Sweet, Sweet Victory!!!



Yes, it is a sweet, sweet victory…

for Mr. Bill Sanderson and his wife Valerie!!! The Tennessee

State Representative – elect of District 77!!!



Congratulations Representative-Elect


Mr. Bill Sanderson



Diane Sanderson and Valerie Sanderson have been true

“Southern Ladies” throughout this campaign.

Those tears…they’re tears of joy, pride, happiness and exhaustion.




Mrs. Tina Elgin and Mr. Sanderson made a great team

with Tina serving as campaign manager.


The following photos are from our Victory Party…
















Bill and Valerie,

It has been a pleasure to work with your campaign.


May your time in Nashville be filled with even more wonderful people who see the goodness and kindness that is in your souls. Please know that this group of friends will pray for you and your family as you embark on this new position.


I’ve enjoyed being your official non-official photographer!!!


Best Wishes,


Becky & Michael

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