Friday, September 10, 2010

My New Blogging Buddy, Shelia @ Pedaling Fast Is Having A Giveaway


Miss Shelia @ Pedaling Fast and Trying To Keep Up is having a great giveaway for this weekend!!!

She has a terrific blog and is my newest blogging buddy, we “almost” met in DC…well at least we tried.

We did get to visit by phone later that day. The 8-28 Restoring Honor was so busy that our cell phones quit working and the guides at the event cautioned her not to leave her spot for fear of not being able to get back to it.

Since I have positively no sense of direction my hubby went with me everywhere that day…and we met so many terrific people!!! I was just sorry that Shelia and I could not connect personally.


All of those books recommended reading for understanding how we achieved our greatness in this nation and the shirts and flags are some great items for you to show your political pride. I posted about the Don’t Tread On Me Emblem and flag here.



image From Shelia’s blog…



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