Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is This My Yard???


Tootsie, sorry, here I go again, bending your rules again…Since my allergies will not allow me in my own yard, I’m coming to you from Las Vegas…Now most people would go downtown to see the lights and casinos, not me, I had to find something for Fertilizer Friday…so here we go…straight from Red Rock Canyon…


We arrived here yesterday (Wednesday) and this morning I got up to relief from my allergies, I haven’t had a sneezing fit all day today…Cross your fingers for me!!! Hopefully I will stop having allergy fits for a few days.

I wish I could tell all of you what all of these plants are, but I can’t…so let’s just enjoy some photos, because it has been a beautiful day…


See in the foreground, plants…I’m pretty sure they’ve never been fertilized unless a stray burro mmmmmm walked by…


Yep, right over there to the right of center…I see greenery…sorta brownish greenery, but it’s definitely there…


This is definitely a tree!!! or a bush??? But Tootsie, its green!!!


Trees, not many, but they certainly are there…


I couldn’t resist a little sunflare fun here!!! (It sure doesn’t take much to entertain me.)


Yea Fertilizer Friday…an opportunity to show my vacation photos…


A group of energetic young hikers…as opposed to old, fat, lazy photographers…


The hikers were also “climbers”… eeks!!!


Look, Tootsie, I even found some blooms….at least I think they’re blooms…


Thanks Tootsie for hosting Fertilizer Friday (and allowing me to cheat…just a little).


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