Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A good chance…

This post is here in its entirety!!!
Support Scott Brown for Senate,
Even if You Don't Live in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown's race for Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat is our best hope of defeating the Obamacare takeover of the economy, without resorting to state nullification and/or a court battle regarding constitutionality. Electing him takes away the 60 vote supermajority enjoyed by the Democrats. They will only have 59 votes.
You don't live in Massachusetts? No problem. You can still contribute to his campaign. You can make phone calls for him. You can talk about him on Twitter (@ScottBrownMA) and on your blog.

THIS IS THE BATTLE WE NEED TO FIGHT TODAY. ALL OF YOU'ALL WHO TALK ABOUT FIGHTING, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT! The special election in January 19th. Today is January 6th. That gives us exactly 12 campaigning days to push this man to victory. Help, help, help!

You can do your part right now. Brown’s campaign site is here. His donation page is here. There’s a grass-roots “moneybomb” fundraiser for Brown on January 11.

Fight the SEIU and Demcare corruption. Help do the job the national GOP fund-raising organizations won’t do. With two weeks until the special election date in Massachusetts, there isn’t a moment to waste.

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