Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Family Heirloom Of Memories…

All summer I have been trying to renovate one bedroom. Yes…working on one bedroom since early May!!! Sad isn’t it??? I stripped wallpaper, respackled, sanded, and applied almost five gallons of primer to one bedroom. Yes, the walls and ceiling were very thirsty!!! I worked so hard that I really hurt my hands. I had to take six weeks off to heal the tendons in my hands due to overuse. Yes, the doctor’s bill and x-rays would have more than paid someone to do the whole job for me. Just call me bull headed, hard headed or stupid but it looks like I’ll never learn. I used to paint or wallpaper a bedroom in one night when the kids had gone to bed…darn this getting old stuff!!!

The good news is --- the ceiling and the entire room are painted. I’m working on a second coat for my window trim and then painting the closet and hall doors. I’ve applied paint to two pieces of furniture, an antique chest of drawers and an old sofa table to use in the room.
Here are the photos of my Mom’s first chest of drawers that I have worked on…

image I had lightly sanded it a long time ago and just never got to finishing the painting.

image I filled in some of the worst gouges and scratches and sanded the filler smooth…

image I remember my Mom telling me about this suite of furniture when she was first married in the early  forties.
She paid for it by the week from a local furniture store. It probably wasn’t more that a quarter or fifty cents a week.
Remember that was a substantial sum in those years and she was earning the money by working in a shirt factory.


imageHere she is … in all her primed glory…I’m not quite through with her so I’ll show you the finished project soon. I think she
is looking pretty spiffy so far…now I have to decide about painting or refinishing the original hardware!!!
A beautifully sprayed on finishing coat sure would be great to have!!!

Miss Jan over at Bobby Pins Boardwalk just posted this video about her new paint sprayer…
I want one…this would have made my job so much easier and faster!!! I probably wouldn’t
have injured my hands if I had used one of these!!!

Did you see how easy it looks???
She is even giving one of these away…go here to see how to win one!!!
Jan has a great blog so sign up to follow her!!!

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