Wednesday, February 4, 2009

See how cute I was....just a preview of great things to come...
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Blog puppy Zoe

Hi, Mom says I'm the official blog puppy....I'm the diva "ZOE". I am a Morkie, that is a mixture of Yorkie and Maltese, some people call me a Yorktese. It doesn't matter what my pedigree (or lack thereof) is, just understand that I am the "DIVA". I run the show, no matter what the blogkitty, Buddy, Mom or Daddy says. I pose for any camera and please don't be hatin' that I am so utterly, to die for photogenic. That's what DIVAs are for....complete public adoration. I'm not an ordinary lapdog, no sirree, when I relax and want to be held, my favorite place is on top of the shoulders and behind the neck of my chosen human. That favorite perch of mine is better to see everything and everyone, never mind if anyone is havin a "good hair day" my perch is more important and if I want to lick your ears or scratch the top of your be it...aaaahhhh, the is good. Did yall see my kitty....I just love me sum kitty, I give Snakebit (Mom says he is the blogkitty) kisses all the time. I just know this kitty loves me more than anything. Buddy and I are buds...ya know...but he never shares his Dingo treats with me...somebody needs to tell that Buddy dog bout sharin and stuff, after all I am the DIVA around here. Daddy (the RN) said that I was adopted from the loving family of another RN that he worked with. I was so cute, I don't know how they could have placed me in this home but I sure am glad they did.
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Meet the blog Kitty

Posted by PicasaAnd here he is.... Snakebit, he is Zoe's favorite Kitty Snakebit was the only survivor of a small litter of kittens and was always in need of human contact, he was like a sticky note on steroids, he couldn't get enough human contact. We loved and petted him as much as humanly possible to keep this golden fur ball happy. When he was a small kitten he showed up one day with a large wound on his face, uh oh, I didn't know what had happened to the little furball. Kitty's daddy is an RN and said he had been bitten by a snake, we didn't have much hope for his survival but kitty Daddy persevered and did his nursing thing to bring him back to health. He survived but it took a long time and we didn't have much hope for his longevity but he has turned out to be the premier tomcat of the neighborhood. He comes home frequently with battlewounds that would take out any other cat but not Snakebit, he is the ultimate survivor. See the ears, they look like they've been through someone's pinking shears, but he is the ultimate baby, wanting lots of attention. He gets it too. Even Zoe loves him like a kitty brother and they are fast friends. The alpha male of our "Pet Pack" is Buddy, the dog. Buddy's bio....coming soon.
Thoughtfully Blended Hearts is a new adventure for me, in that blogging is something that I've recently discovered and enjoyed as a reader. My next step is participation, although I'm sure I'll be slow learning and make many mistakes. I welcome constructive criticism and advice from other bloggers but please save the negativity till I get my feet on the ground and start running though. Painting has been my passion for many years and I'm beginning to get back to it after a long hiatus. Life got in the way for many years and now I find myself wanting to address the artistic side of my life that has been neglected for so long. I began painting by learning Tole and Decorative painting and had a successful business for many years. That business allowed me to be a stay at home Mom, which was the most important job in my life. I'll be forever grateful for those years and I am indebted to all of the wonderful people who financially supported my business. I had the most wonderful customers (most turned into lifelong friends) who made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thoughtfully Blended Hearts is tribute to my marriage to a wonderful man. We have been married almost ten years (that's a decade!!!!!!Yeeks) This marriage is the second for both of us. We both have two adult children (for a total of four) and now have two grandchildren and an adorable grandpuppy. We've definitely had to be very thoughtful about how to blend our hearts in order to make our home. I love seeing photos on blogs so I will try to include as many as I can while I'm participating in this. I got a new camera recently so I'm also learning how to use it. It's a Canon Rebel and I'm loving it. The animals in our home are so tired of being photographed I'm afraid they'll run away from home so you'll be seeing Zoe, Buddy and the tough ole cat we call "Snakebit". I'll write about each of them pretty soon.

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