Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have you ever met real live “Chicken Farmers”?




Meet Ron and Tina…

Professional chicken farmers for Tyson Foods in Union City…Now what were you thinking when I mentioned chicken farmers???


We had breakfast with the “farmers” and some other friends last Saturday morning at a great place in South Fulton, TN. called “Pappys”.


Meet “Pappy”…yeah I know…doesn’t look like a Pappy to me either…


Now here are the ladies that make Pappy’s such a special place…Angie, Dottie, Katie and Lynn. (I know I have their names topsy turvy)


The entire restaurant was celebrating Mrs. Dottie’s 70th birthday!!!


See her corsage and her beautiful co-workers…how could you not love a restaurant that treats their employees like this???


We were invaded by someone disguised as a “?????” …not too sure what he was but I laughed because it was such a typical boy thing to do…


and last but certainly not least is our cute waitress…Thank you for putting up with a bunch of adults that acted like teenagers and enjoyed every minute of it…


I got to meet these beautiful sisters…and they invited me to take their Mom’s photo!!! I’m looking forward to this because their Mom is ninety-one years old and has fourteen children!!!


They told me about celebrating their Mom’s ninetieth birthday…at the Hampton Inn reception center in Union City. The daughters and the Mom rode to the party in a limousine and they were bubbling with those memories. Wasn’t that a wonderful way to celebrate a ninetieth birthday!!!

We had a wonderful time at our breakfast meeting at Pappy’s and look forward to doing it again!!!

Mosaic Monday at Little Red House

Thanks Sally for hosting Blue Monday






Happy 70th birthday Miss Dottie!!!

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