Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear Stephen and Lynn Fincher,

Stephen Fincher
Today is your day…. inauguration into the United States of America’s Congress. What an honor and what a job
both of you are embarking on. Yes, I said both of you. Historical because our nation is on the brink of deciding
the direction of our nation. You get to help decide if we remain the free society that our country’s founders
decided was so good or if we become another European-like society who embraces socialism and dependence
on big government for everything.

On 8-28-10 we gathered in DC to pray for couples like you , those of you who would represent our values and
our dedication to our God!!!

We let our guard down and let unbelievers guide us into the mess that we are in now…

So now, today, we surround you with our prayers…

Stephen, be humble when you think about those of us who sent you to Congress because we are a humble people…

Michael and I have followed and supported you this past year…now we will pray for you and your family…

Lynn, you may not have asked for all of this, I don’t know, but we surround you and your children with our
prayers also…now so much has been put upon your shoulders…

Wishing you God’s grace in this important position…

We pray that your love and respect for each other will  keep you strong in these years when so much depends on your
leadership …

You’ll find yourself among so many great things and people, it is then that we surround you with our prayers to keep
those who wish to harm you and the people you represent at bay…It is such a big job Lynn!!!

I pray that you find mentors with Christlike attributes to give you guidance…
We had fun with these cardboard cutouts---and I know there are many
good people is DC…people without personal agendas…

Mentors who value life, freedom and our God…
I pray that the good ones find their way to your side…

Stephen, with Lynn’s support and love and a circle of prayers from West Tennessee, we will support you and pray
that the wisdom of the ages guides you in a city fraught with so much turmoil…
wisdom is found in so many unlikely places so please be aware that
it might come from the most unexpected sources…Please
Listen to your heart.

Stephen, please note that many men and women like Michael (my precious hubby) gave so many years of their lives
to keep this country free from the evil forces that are threatening us now. 
Please remember all of those lives that were dedicated to this country when you encounter those tough decisions.

We surround you
with our Prayers
Stephen and Lynn

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