Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Solomon’s Seal


Spring is “busting out all over”…come walk with me…around the yard…careful don’t  step on Zoe…















Solomon’s Seal is an elegant plant that is Native to North America. The slender, arching stems have alternating lance-shaped leaves that are either green or tipped with white. The small, tubular white flowers dangle underneath the leaves. More mature plants tend to have more flowers and are a bit more showy. But it’s the plant form that makes Solomon’s Seal such an interesting plant. They are easy growers, but somewhat slow to become established. Solomon’s Seal is deer resistant. 

The name "Solomon’s Seal" is taken from the shape of the scar on the rhizome where the stem attaches. In some species this scar takes the shape of two overlapped triangles, which is the symbol King Solomon, ruler of Israel from 961 to 931 BC, took to symbolize the union of body and soul. The plants have been used for a number of applications in herbal medicine.

Variegated Solomon’s Seal is easily grown in reasonably fertile soil in the shade garden. Plants benefit from the presence of some organic matter in the soil.
It also does well on the north side of a house if no shade trees are available. While quite tolerant of drought once established, the plants should be watered their first year after planting to ensure good establishment. It makes an excellent companion plant with Hosta and other shade perennials. Be patient with this beauty because it may take several years for the colony to form sufficient size to show the beauty the plant has to provide.


The first  Clematis bloom…




This is the Kwanza Cherry Tree…almost in the declining state…its been too cold and miserable to take pictures…


Even though it is hard to see…the Japanese Painted Fern is beautiful…


I love this Candytuft…it blooms for such a long time…


Oak leaf Hydrangea…


Hostas and Rudebekia…


The first Peony bud…


A variegated Hosta…


My favorite Japanese Maple…with the wind blowing…


A large variegated Hosta surrounded by Creeping Jennie and lots of Black-eyed Susans (Rudebekia)…


The first of the Knock Out Roses….


Creeping moss that I can’t seem to think of the name…any help out there…its very common…


Zoe seems to prefer the Forsythia…Thanks for visiting with us..it was fun…


Catherine Holman is giving away this awesome painting…visit her blog and comment for a chance to win this lovely…


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