Friday, May 14, 2010

When Hometown Folks Decide To Get Into Politics…This Is What Happens!!!


image Dr. Ron and his Honey are campaigning in “style”… Photo from Dr. Kirkland’s Facebook page…"



Local businessmen and women take it upon themselves to send one of their own to congress!!!

image Young and old, from all walks of life…we’re taking “them” on…them is DC…

imageLocal farmers, landowners, retirees, doctors, lawyers and plain ole’ good Southern “Folks” are involved in our Republic’s  process …

imageWe’re organizing and supporting hometown and homegrown candidates who represent our values and ideals…






image  Sorry Dr. Ron….but she is so much cuter than you are!!!



image Some of the “BEST” barbecue  and fixin's’ were served by these guys!!!

imageThe local company sponsoring this event was Fabsouth…located in Troy, Tennessee…Fabsouth  fabricated this sign…see the stars on the flag in the upper left corner!!! such cool work!!!

image  Fabsouth also manufactures things like these charms!!!


image Storm shelters, lawn mowers and golf carts are some of the products that Fabsouth fabricates metal for!!!  I’m drooling over that Bad Boy Lawnmower…ya know us Southern girls, we like fancy stuff!!!

image Mr. Nick Rice gave us a tour of this manufacturing facility…

imageThis young lady made name tags for everyone…


The only compensation I received for this post was a barbecue sandwich and some wonderful friendship… and I got the best part of the deal!!!

For outdoor fun…visit Susan @ Southern Daydreamer!!!

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