Friday, October 1, 2010

Friends Don’t Let Friends Walk Alone.

image My favorite hobby is photographing local pet shows…
this one was held here in the little town where we live…
“Pets In The Park”
It was just that…and I had more fun than anyone!!!

image I guess I have to be completely honest here…
I also love photographing kids and animals, together, apart…
oh shoot, I just like taking pictures of anything!!!
Kids and Furry Critters are just plain ole fun!!!

image There is a really beautiful story about this duo…(here)

image Doesn’t this just melt your cold, cold heart???

image This little girl was so shy…but she had a wonderful furry pet!!!

image Here is her furry pet…His name is Valentino…can you see why???
That perfect heart on his right side made it a perfect name for this little goat!!!

image AAAwwwww!!!

image I met this young man last year with this Morkie, he grew a lot this past year and his cute doggie grew a lot also!!!

image Brother and sister with a wig on their pup…this should be one of those “Caption The Photo” contests!!!

image Pooch said …getta outta my way lady!!!

image Unconditional Love!!!

image Does this remind you of the phrase about dogs looking like their owners???

image Cutest pup in the park!!! My grandpuppy “Sassy”…

Furry First Fridays…visit for more cuteness…it’s a hoot!!!


  1. Such cute photos. I need to find out if they have anything like that here.

  2. What a fun hobby. THanks for showing all of the wonderful animals and children out there. Have a great day..

  3. Hi Becky!! Oh,, yes! You always have my vote for the best photographer ever!! I love seeing all the cute kids and the animals!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great post Becky. Kids and pets are an unbeatable combination. Thanks, too, for stopping by. Jane F.

  6. Hello Becky,

    These photos are fantastic! Love the pets and kids! I love the cowboy boots on that adorable little blond girl! And her little Valentino! Cute overload here!!!

    ~ Tracy

  7. I just LOVE these photos!!! What great shots you got. I love all the personality on display. So much fun. :) Thanks very much for joining in!

  8. These are wonderful pictures of the pets (and the children!). I think you really did have more fun than anyone else.

  9. Oh Becky.... children and animals are my favorite subjects in the whole wide world...... I love all your photos, they are wonderful!!

  10. Becky, love this post!! Your blog is just beautiful too! I love the fall theme!

  11. You know when you're having one of those days, then somehow you are presented with a picture of an adorable kid or animal, and it completely lifts your spirits? Well your post was a welcomed double shot of awesomeness! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  12. Becky, You DO take wonderful photos! How fun to have a flea market that actually has things worth buying. Ours around here are pretty darn bad! LOL
    Loved the 4 -"wheller" parts sign. I was an English/journalism major and abuse of the written and spoken language really bothers me. Adorable shots of all the kids. Your grand-pup, Sassy is a cute little thing, too. I miss having a dog around, but we are just too busy to justify it anymore. So I smile at everyone else's! :-)
    Thanks for visiting and checking out that fun barn! ~ Sue



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