Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Makes Me Smile

I’m on a new kick here in Tn. this morning…I’m gonna take care of Becky…I’ve always taken care of everyone and everything…to an excess…I think I may be suffocating my family a little.

image I baked my favorite breakfast…just for me…and Zoe says me too!!!
My favorite bran muffins…and I put everything but the kitchen sink in them!!!
bran buds
chopped apple
Lots of yummy stuff to make them moist and crunchy!!!

image I also had this mug filled with piping hot chocolate…it is in the low sixties this a.m.   Perfect for hot chocolate.
I don’t drink coffee and only drink hot tea occasionally, so a cup of hot chocolate is a treat!

image I probably spent two years looking for the perfect mug for my hot chocolate. I finally found it last year. There was just one but I only needed one since I’m the only one who drinks hot chocolate in this house. Hubby is a big time coffee drinker, I never managed to acquire the taste.
My perfect mug had to be…
something to look forward to using
It is all of that…
I smile when I use it…
I also smile when I can smell hubby’s coffee brewing
Coffee smells so divine
Why can’t I like it???

image I also smile when I see my little vignette of thrifted china setting here…
My big “crackledy” platter is usually hung on a wall somewhere but I took it down yesterday
The little brown transfer ware creamer is something that I also smile at…it’s a happy creamer
the other creamer and dessert dish is part of a little set
I think the yellow and brown plaid is so happy and bright and I love the shape of that creamer


image My incomplete set of these consist of six dessert plates and this cute little creamer…

image It makes me smile when the dishes I use are American made, even though these are vintage…Someone in California fed their family with the wages earned from making my little dishes…that’s a good feeling!!!

image I even still love the soft blue Formica counter tops that I picked out twenty two years ago…
I guess I should upgrade…but I still smile when I see the soft blue color…

image This grungy ole well seasoned muffin pan bakes the best muffins!!! I just wipe it out after using it and my muffins never stick to the pan…

image While my muffins were baking, I did this…
see the red and gold little ginger jar…it was my favorite lamp…it quit working…
so I took the lamp guts and threw them away
then I got out the Gorilla Glue and glued it all together…
I still like it…
It makes me smile!!!
imageI'm linking to Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Met Monday
and Cottage and Vine


  1. Love what you did with the lamp. Very nice. Cute little arangement and love those dishes too. The perfect cup is hard to find. Have a nice day.

  2. What a charming post! I love that plaid set -- it's gorgeous, as is that tiny transferware creamer with the chubby birds on it... love them too.
    But most of all? Like to see that you are taking care of YOU. We do tend to forget about that, don't we?

  3. You are so talented and creative. I like what you did with the lamp that quit working. Your muffins look delicious -- I would enjoy a bite myself.

  4. Hi Becky, Your muffins look incredible. I would love them. My Mama used to have a muffin pan just like yours --and she loved it. I used a teflon one --and it works fine also.

    Can't believe you don't drink coffee... I love it --and have to have it each morning.... BUT--George says that I don't really drink 'real' coffee since I doctor mine up (cremora and splenda)... Ha... BUT--I love it!!!!


  5. Awesome vignette colors! I love little creamer and pitchers. I've just run out of room to display them unfortunately. Great looking muffins, Kiddo!

  6. Hi Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share this evening. So much to talk about. Now those muffins just pulled me right on in to visit. I had to sit down a spell and try one. Oh my gosh, don't you just love muffins with fresh apples, and I love pecans too. My Daddy and Moma have pecan trees and each year I get new pecans for the freezer for holiday baking. I just love to bake. Now I started laughing as soon as I saw your seasoned muffin pan, because I have two, that match yours. Ha! Ha! Yes they do make the best, and nope they never stick. Love it sweetie.

    I make coffee for DH, and have for 35 years. My Daddy always told me when I grew up I would like to drink it too, well last year I asked him, seeing as how he is 79 and I am 53, Daddy when do you think I will grow up and like coffee. He just laughed and laughed. I am right there with you girl. Give me my hot chocolate any day, but no coffee. I also like to add a few little marshmallows to my hot chocolate. Yum. The problem is living here in Phoenix, we are still having triple digit days so it is to hot for cocoa right now. Maybe around Christmas or New Years. We have never turned our heat on, and we laugh at the fact that we have a fireplace, it is really never cold enough to light the darn thing.

    Your vignette is beautiful sweetie. I too would have glued that lamp together to keep it. Oh how beautiful the red is in it. I love red, that is my favorite color and boy does it pop in your corner of the cabinets there. I love it with your plate and those pumpkins. Yep it looks like Fall has arrive at Thoughtfully Blended Hearts.

    Hope you have a beautiful evening sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. My sister has that entire set of yellow and brown plaid dinnerware, including pitchers and salt/pepper shakers! She absolutely loves it! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  8. What a gorgeous fall vignette.You photos are beautiful, I can almost smell those muffins!

  9. What a lovely blog you have! All your pictures are beautiful. And the muffins are making me hungry!

    Is the background of autumn leaves your own picture?

  10. 22 year old Formica counters??? I think you have set some sort of world record with these. My two cents ... if you like it and it ain't broke, don't upgrade.

    I smiled when I saw your muffin pan. Mine looks just like yours, and my husband considers it to be a family secret, never to be seen by anyone outside the family. If other people realized how non-stick it is in this condition, they'd stop scrubbing the dickens out of 'em and let 'em be the way they are.

  11. You made me laugh when you talk about picking out the perfect mug. I thought I was the only one who did that. My husband just grabs the first one in the cupboard and I dig around for just the right one.

  12. What a sweet little pitcher...I never drank coffee until I started mixing it *with* my that's how I like it! It is a fine line, isn't it?...meeting the needs of others and taking care of ourselves too...

  13. Hi Becky, what a lovely Fall vignette. Your muffins look delicious.
    You are so talented for what you did with your lamp. Thank you so much for passing by my blog.

  14. I love how you repurposed that lamp, so it could continue to make you smile. Great fall vignette. Those muffins look scrumptious, too.


  15. I sure could go for one of those muffins right now. I am so happy your blog loaded and the pics all came up and they are gorgeous!

  16. Love what you did while the muffins were baking, they also look so yummy.

  17. A hot chocolate and a yummy bran muffin sound like a delicious breakfast to me. Like your autumn decorating too.

  18. Beautiful fall decor! I love your hot chocolate mug too. I enjoy drinking most anything hot - cider, coffee, chocolate, tea, whatever. I usually change my personal mug at work with the seasons, just because I get bored looking at the same one all the time. I used to have a huge coffee mug collection. That is until I lost a bunch of them in the 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake and decided to collect something less breakable. I still change out all my everyday mugs for Christmas ones during the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a beautiful mosaic and so colourful and lovely photos. And the muffins look delicious.

  20. Gosh everything looks like fall over here. Love your dishes and those muffins look yummy! Thank you for joining the party!

  21. I agree completely coffee smells so good I wish I enjoyed drinking it. I do love hot chocolate! I like your fall decorating.

  22. LOVE your little transferware creamer -- soo cute! I'm not a coffee drinker either, and yet I love the smell of it, too. How strange is that?! Your muffins look delicious!!!



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