Thursday, September 9, 2010

…Just a walking down the street…doo wah ditty, ditty ditty dum diddy dee…

After looking at my recent photos from Fredericksburg, Va. I’ve decided that I’m probably not the very best company on a sightseeing walk!!! Here are a few of the some two hundred photos that I snapped. We could have seen a lot more if I hadn't stopped every thirty seconds…but then I wouldn’t have been able to post these….hhhhmmmm decisions, decisions….

image Nice horse who was pulling a sightseeing buggy…I guess I wasn’t interested in the buggy since I don’t have a photo of it…

image I talked to this little sweetie’s Mom…he was for sale…I wanted him…and I don’t even like Doxies…look  at those eyes!!!

image I sure hope he found a wonderful home…his name was Tommy!!!

image Some seasonal goodies were showing up in the windows…love the witches’ legs' table…

image This is the mega famous Carls’ Ice Cream shop…it was a tiny place!!! The ice cream was sooooo good…I had strawberry!!!

image Such a pretty little beaded purse!!! I don’t know why I didn’t run right in and snatch it up!!!

image This one was equally pretty…just not as colorful!!!

image Some really cute barn critters!!!

image One of the historical houses that line the street…

image This is a close up of the roof with the eagles on the slates…I’m sure there is a purpose for these eagles but I don’t know what the purpose is…does anyone know what they are for???

image I played peep-eye from outside with this precious little one, he/she was

image inside of this building…

image Brick sidewalks!!!

I’ll be walking over to the Barnyard Bash today…why not come along with me ???


  1. Great shots. I was wondering what those eagles on that roof are for to?

  2. Oh I hope that sweety finds a good home too!
    these are great photos! I think the eagles are snowbirds... to keep the snow from sliding off the roof like an avalanche :))


  3. Great tour! Thanks for taking us along. The purses are gorgeous and the animals too....Christine

  4. Love beaded purses although I don't own one. AND, what a great tatoo shop name!!!


  5. Oh, Becky, that sweet little doggy! I hope someone very sweet took him home!
    Now you should join Lynn at Happier Than a Pig in Mud for her Barnyard Bash Party! You've got some barnyard stuff going on here.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. cool tour, I hate those brick sidewalks, hot and trip me everytime.

  7. Becky, looks like you had a fun trip! I'm sure Tommy found a happy home, and that rooster tablecloth is just great! Thank you so much for joining the Barnyard Bash:@)

  8. Hi Becky,
    I left a comment earlier but then lost the internet! Oh, the joys of living in rural France.
    Anyway.....just wanted to say that I think the photo of the horse is wonderful, who needs to see the buggy?
    Happy BB.

  9. Stopping by from Gail's blog. Love the photos, especially the puppy. Soooo cute. I think the eagles may be to keep birds from camping out on the roof. When we lived in CA there were roofs that birds flocked to and camped on. I believe their "waste" can do lots of damage to roofs.

  10. I would take a walk with you anyday.
    The trouble with taking that many photos is uploading them to organize later.
    I was thinking the eagles are a decorative way to stop ice jams, or as PP said, slow down snow avalanches. And it may have an added bonus effect of keeping other birds off the roof.

  11. You got some wonderful photos, I don't know how you resisted adopting that Doxie.

  12. Wonderful pictures, the eagles stop the snow from coming off the roof in one sheet. With heavy snow the evestrough will also, come off. Take care and have a great weekend.

  13. Loved the pictures...and I do love Doxies.

  14. Hey, I enjoyed my little tour with you! Dogs, eagles and bags, oh my!

  15. Beautiful pictures. I loved little Tommy- wish I could give a home to every dog in the world.Those eagles on the roof are very interesting.

  16. Good Morning
    I just hopped over to visit your blog. I love the barnyard critters in the window. Thanks so much for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  17. Wow! This was a lot of fun! The tattoo shop is funny! I remember when my son came home with a "gift for me". He had a small towel on his arm. I really thought he bought me a puppy. But, it was a tattoo that said MOM. I guess he figured if it was "for me" I couldn't get mad. LOL I have to admit it is one of the most well done and beautiful tattoos I've ever seen. At least he found a good artist.

  18. Hi Becky, Fredericksburg looks like a neat place.. Sounds just like me--taking WAY too many pictures and then spending hours picking a few to post!!!!! ha ha

    That Ice Cream looks fabulous.... Seems like everyone agreed...

    Have a great weekend.

  19. Thanks for including us on your further tour of Fredericksburg. I am surprised you didn't take Tommy home with you.

  20. What a nice tour. Horses up close make such great photos. I think the eagles are to help with the snow buildup.



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